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01 Nov 2010

Explore merits of using LED Lights

Explore merits of using LED Lights

Explore merits of using LED Lights
LED or Light Emitting Diode is a light source semiconductor.  These diodes are generally used as indicator lamps in number of devices, and are incredibly used for purpose of lighting. LED Lights were introduced as practical electronic components in the year 1962, early LEDs emitted were strictly of low-intensity and red in light, but it’s advanced or latest versions are available in various in different wavelengths such as in - visible, ultraviolet and infrared. All of these wavelengths offer great quality brightness level.
LED Light is totally based on the high-performance semiconductor diodes. When a particular diode is switched on, electrons get combined with holes present in the device, releasing quality amount of energy in the form of photons. This special effect or mentioned procedure is known as electroluminescence. Color of the light is generally determined by the energy gap between semiconductors. LED Light is generally small area occupying and possess integrated optical components. These integrated components assist lights in reflection. LED Lights come with numerous merits over ordinary light sources. Merits include:

low energy consumption
long life span
compact size
fast switching response
great durability
shock resistant
more reliability
affordable prices
shatterproof light source
cool touch run
contain no mercury
no other hazardous substance
countless applications

LED lamps are generally used for both special purpose lighting and general lighting. If colored light is required, LED Light comes in multiple vibrant colors, which are normally produced without any need for special filters. This also improves the energy efficiency as compare to an ordinary light source that can be generated in all colors but discard most of the visible energy while filtration. LED Light is a useful light source for any room. Color balance produced by LEDs is amazing. Light is not just effectual in terms of color visibility but also when it comes to pay for buying LED Lights. These lights are affordable and highly money saving.
Power saving LED Lights:
LED Light Bulbs (light-emitting diodes) is not a new concept in the market, now is a worthful substitute of a 75-100 watt incandescent bulb with equivalent light imparting efficiency while power consumption is just equal to a 3-13 watt bulb.  Many people now prefer switching to LED home lights because it\'s an easier option. Some more noticeable advantages of LED Lights are- its output for more time span, convenience of using and more! Led lights are very effectual or proficient to use with small scale electricity consumption. You will definitely see decrease in electricity bill after using LED Lights or Bulbs. Imagine how much amount you can save in your electricity bill by switching to LED light bulbs!


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