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01 Nov 2010

Why LED Lights are Different

                                           Why LED Lights are Different?

 LED lights these days are used in everything from electronics to toys and from power equipments to automobiles. Earlier, LED lights was introduced in new products as sort of an extra blaze to device just like indicator lights on coffee machines and glowing eyes in battery operated toys. The muscle and intensity of these lights begin to lend themselves for use in other applications. It became obvious that certain products would be much improvised upon with the adding up of an LED bulb.
Why LED Lights are Different?
L.E.D. means light-emitting diode. In this technology, light is evolved when the semiconductor diode which is inside the bulb is forward biased or turned on; electrons recombine with holes in the diode to discharge energy in the form of light. The colour of the light is decided by the energy gap of semiconductor. Bulbs more energy efficient by using this types of science they also become longer-lasting, smaller, and more durable than other lights.
The high-power LEDs (HPLEDs) are become a major competitor to fluorescent incandescent, and halogen bulbs in lamps and flashlights. the LED bulb simply is the better solution for many applications.
Law Enforcement or Public Safety
HPLEDs are used in flashlights and search lights to improve aid police and fire crews while looking out for criminals or victims of major blow. The bright and narrow beams let police and fire fighters to explore from a safe distance and the toughness of the HPLED bulbs fit the sort of demanding activity these professions need.
Outdoor Recreation
HPLED lanterns are substituting gas and filament-bulb lanterns as the new benchmark in hiking and cave exploration in mountains. Since HPLED bulbs can definitely last thousands of hours and consume very little power, they are significant additions to survival kits. Moreover, LED bulbs are very tiny and as a result the flashlights and other different forms they take are also small and could be light-weight for packing and storing easily.
Video Displays or Televisions
Most of the TV makers are using LED lights as the next-g light source for video displays and flat-panel TVs. Sony was the earliest to appear with an organic LED display . LEDs permit TV manufacturers to make low-energy consumption TVs with brilliant and solid pictures. LEDs don\'t produce as much heat as other bulbs which means, TVs could be made to not get above a certain temperature, avoiding the requirement for major fans and heat sinks.
Displays or Event Lighting
LEDs and HPLEDs are used constantly for stage and arena lighting since they can display so many different colours in such unbelievable brightness. Most of the buildings and events at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, for instance, flawlessly showed the supremacy and beauty of LED lights. These lights can simply be programmed to lighten and contrast creating fast or slow moving visual special effects. The small size of the bulbs helps light designers to design much more obscure images than achievable with traditional fluorescents too.


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