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Product description

Model : GEN8-11

Color : Silver

Material : Metal

Power : 36W

Weight(Kg/CTN) : 0.56kg

Size : 19x17x5.7cm

Style :

Quantity :

KOREN LED intelligent light

It has brought unprecedented comfort to driving

It has a high luminous efficiency, fast response speed, and has a super long life and a better safety performance. Its heat dissipation, low light, convenient installation and strong adaptability are all blooming in the beauty of science and technology. And it's model of industrial products; Compared with the traditional halogen lamp or HID xenon lamp, it has a huge advantage, which is the shining star product in the automobile headlights market.

GEN8 high brightness head light


  • Power:36W
  • Input Voltage:DC 9-36V
  • Working Voltage:DC 12V
  • Luminous flux:3800LM
  • Irritation angle:280 degrees
  • Heat-dissipating method:
  • the directional supercharging
  • air cooling technology is efficient
  • in heat dissipation
  • LED lightsource:CREE XHP50 18W/LEDs
  • Working life:30000 Hours
  • Installation way:Integrated
  • non-destructive installation
  • Packing size:19*17*5.7cm
  • Carton size:39*35*30.5cm 20pcs/ctn
  • Applicable model:H1,H3,H4,H7,H8,H9,

Super durable

30,000 hours ultra-long life

The application of constant current drive technology, while ensuring the brightness of the headlights, is more effective in extending the life of the light source, which makes the light failure very low. Carefully designed anti-impact design, Build strong shield for headlights, more stable quality, more durable performance; Copper - based thermoelectric separation, more efficient and safer.

  • Constant current drive technology
  • Copper - based thermoelectric separation
  • Shock resistance

Easy for Installation

Integrated structure GEN8 with built-in drive

The exquisite craftsmanship of integration brings a very convenient installation experience, and the whole process of changing the lamp doesn't need to destroy any parts of the original car, more intimate functional design, providing more detailed care for your car.

Strong fitting ability

Applicable for all kinds of Vehicle

From the beginning of the development phase, Koren will give full consideration to the differences between the various models, to meet the different deck, do 98% vehicles are installed. Throughout the country's service network, strong technical support, the whole journey for your safe escort.

More intelligent

0.001S Super fast start

The 0.001S start system, with the quick start speed of the hairline, instantly illuminate the future. The control of the remote light switch, the start of xenon lamp is slow,Let's go into a brighter safe driving Era.

  • no delay start
  • Instant light
  • High brightness

High brightness

Exceed 3800LM

We are committed to better quality light source, innovative technology LED smart headlights, 36W can reach 3800LM luminous flux Three times brighter than halogen lights and 60% energy saving. The patented two-sided 280-degree luminescence design can significantly increase the utilization rate of light by 50%.

  • 3 times
    Improve of the brightness
  • 60%
    Energy saving
  • 50%
    Light utilization enhancement

Rapid cooling

Directional supercharging air cooling technology is effective in heat dissipation

What you experience the superior performance of KOREN lamp, thanks to the advanced cooling technology: orientation pressurization air cooling system + tell mute fans forced cooling, in and out of the wind dual channel, ensure the instant cooling.

Penetrate well

Imported high power highlighting light source

In order to cope with the challenges of severe weather, KOREN lamp adopts imported car specially designed inverted chip source with high optical density and strong penetrability. Whether it's sunny or rainy, whether it's smog or snow. It can make you feel bright as day.

Stunning loading effect, 100% solid shot

Paving effect

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