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Product description

Model : X-9005

Color : Golden

Material : metal

Power : 30W

Weight(Kg/CTN) : 0.235kg

Size : 17x14.8x6.2cm

Style :

Quantity :

It is the crystallization of powerful technology

The appearance of the " X " series should be originated to Koren people Constant pursuit of breakthrough resolution. It has a beautiful appearance and a better performance, using aluminum alloy cooling technology.
To ensure that the light source is cool and powerful, it solves the problem of the installation of the lamp, and integrates the high brightness, high durability and high adaptability.

30W / 3600LM

Light before the time

X sereis lights,It's not only extremely brightness.
But also the creative cooling design.
It brings more environmental quality lighting.
The luminance is far beyond the ordinary braided lamp,
which achieves the luminosity of the fan.
High luminous efficiency and low energy consumption,
finally in the same car light fusion so successful.

Aluminum alloy stereo heat dissipation technology

So fantastic

X sereis lights,It's not only extremely brightness. But also the creative cooling design.AND It brings more environmental quality lighting.

  • Exquisite form of innovation
  • Copper heat conduction
  • Aviation grade heat dissipation aluminum

Strong fitting ability

All models are applicable

The problem of installation is solved at this point.
The technical progress of X3 series is reflected in the more elaborate structural design.

Super durable

50,000 hours ultra-long life

In order to give you a better performance of the nine plus one headlights, this time, we dramatically increased its service life
to 50,000 hours. The application of constant current drive
technology effectively prolongs the life of the light source,
which makes the light and the light fall much lower and more
durable. The considerate anti - shock design for your car will
be escorted all the time.

Advanced 0.001 second instantaneous start

The 0.001 second instantaneous start system, with the quick start speed, instantly illuminate the future. The control of the remote light switch, the start of the xenon lamp slowly, let us enter a brighter safe driving time together.

  • start without delay
  • instant lighting
  • instant change lighting

Strong penetration

No fear of rain or mist

In order to cope with the challenges of severe weather,
lingyao T7 adopts imported car specially designed inverted
chip source with high optical density and penetrability.
The use of pre-packaging process ensures the quality of
the light source. Whether it's sunny or rainy, whether it's
smog or snow, it makes you feel as bright as day.

Standard light tangent

The light is sharp and clear

A better light type performance was achieved on lingyao T7. According to the LED light source resetting light center, the light type can be adjusted by rotating chuck, the distant light is more concentrated, the irradiation is farther, and the frequency is supported. The near - light pavement width, the road uniform clear, not easy visual fatigue.

Stunning loading effect, 100% solid shot

Paving effect

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