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Product description

Model : S-880

Color : Black

Material : metal

Power : 30W

Weight(Kg/CTN) : 0.235kg

Size : 15.7x14.7x5.7cm

Style :

Quantity :

Automobile lamp

32W / 3800LM

  • High brightness
  • Easy installation
  • Instant illumination
  • Intelligent temperature control
  • Power:30W 1860 LEDs 15W*2
  • Input Voltage:DC 9-36V
  • Working Voltage:DC 12V
  • Working Current:2.15A
  • Luminous flux:3800LM
  • Color temperature:6500K
  • Customized inverted light source
  • Irritation angle:280 degrees
  • Heat-dissipating method:Directional
  • supercharging air cooling technology
  • Working life:30000 Hours
  • Installation way:Separate non-
  • destructive installation
  • Packing size:15.7*14.7*5.7cm
  • Applicable model:H1,H3,H4,H7,H10,
  • H8/H9/H11,9005/9006,H13,880,881

Refitted vehicle head light

High brightness is the best option

Mini size but big energy

The head light comes with small size, it is 2-3cm shorter than other LED lights. Suitable for over 90% of the models vehicles,luminous flux over 3800LM, It's over three times brighter than the halogen

our products 100% ensure to fit 90% of the models vehicles.

Part of the car headlight installation space is small,so it can not be installed or even dust cover appears after the installation. But we developped it and make the whole size smaller,now it can replace the original car directly and cover 90% of the models vehicles.

Automobile grade light source preloading process packaging

Make your conversion more perfect than the original one.
Use the preloading process to ensure the quality of the light source, the color temperature is constant, and the illumination of the lamp is better.

Extremely high brightness, luminous flux over 3800LM

Instant illumination

It's over three times brighter than the halogen 55W,
100 kilometers per hour, the braking distance is
increased by 150 meters,
The risk of an accident at night can be reduced by 80%!

The light doesn't glare,
it can Reduce fatigue

It's safer to go farther and wider at night

You can find some leds lights dazzling in the market, not only drivers themselves easy to fatigue driving, also can make to the other side of the vehicle driver blinding and couldn't see the traffic ahead, this is very dangerous.

This LED head light is not

easy to break

Working life over 30,000 hours

As you know The life of the normal halogen lamp is 500 hours and the life of xenon lamp is 3,000 hours, but our this LED headlight working life over 30,000 hours.

The light failure and service life of the headlights are closely related to the effect of light bulb quality. The headlights are specially designed for the use of the car, the light density is high.The heat dissipation of the lamp body adopts the whole cooling system, and the intelligent temperature control system ensures the instantaneous heat dissipation.

Integrated heat dissipation system

Integrated conduction + Directed turbocharged air cooling system

The integrated thermal conductivity design is to eliminate the gap between the lamp body and the radiator system.
Meanwhile, the thermal conductivity of the lamp is improved through the design of aviation grade aluminum and large area copper substrate.

Car special flip chip

Our LED head light with feature of small Light
bead clearance, high brightness and density etc.

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