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Our business success starts with quality service


Business Cooperation

Welcome, friends!

Whether you order size, we will be the most competitive price and high product for your supply:
1.pay attention to credibility, quality stability
One hammer sale is not what we ask, we QC led engaged in the industry for 8 years, know how to start a orders from raw materials to manufacturing quality control, continuous customer orders is our pursuit!

2. high performance price ratio

Chaotic Chinese LED market, too many businesses without conscience. We will not take the Cree price for you epileds or led. price and performance quality China small factory to the highest price!

3. prompt delivery
Promise delivery place an order, must be punctual delivery; whether you are big or small; whether in the season or the off-season. Commitment, long-term business!

4 .according to the requirements of the delivery to the designated warehouse
Trust it, you don't need to on-site inspection, we will direct the goods to logistics way most favorable to your designated warehouse!


5 .to assist the bidding
Do you have the resources, can provide qualification to assist you and share tender bidding risk;

6. professional OEM/ODM service
From design, mold development, product proofing until mass production to provide professional services, including:
All of our products can be affixed to your designated logo, including custom packaging;
Design drawings for you or provide samples manufactured products;
 Processing local changes to my company's existing products, do not involve major changes the mechanical structure, circuit structure, software function, and the product into the customer's brand;
Processing customer requirements to be improved, modification of my company's products, involving significant changes the mechanical structure, circuit structure, software function, or according to customer needs for customers to design customized products.





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